Come learn a thing or two about marine mammals from early-career scientists!

What is "Whale Scientists"?

Whale Scientists is a blog created by two grad students to share knowledge about whales and dolphins. Our website aims to be a platform where people from all backgrounds can learn a thing or two about marine mammals. We write fun posts about whale science, marine mammal species, and how to conduct whale research.

We are all early-career researchers. On top of sharing our knowledge, we wish to help aspiring marine mammalogists reach their goals by giving them tips on becoming whale scientists.

Finally, we share the incredible journeys of young whale scientists in our Whale Scientists Stories. We want to give young researchers a voice and a platform to share their knowledge.

Who do we write for?

1) People from every background who are interested in whales.

2) Students who want to work on whales but do not know exactly how to get there.

3) People who are curious about whale scientists. 

4) People who want to interact with whale scientists. 

What if you want to contribute?

We are open to any collaboration. If there is a topic you want to write about, we would love to help you publish it here. If you are a whale scientist and want to share your story, we are open to it. Just send us a message via our contact form or on social media.

Find all our posts below:

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